Leave the hard work to someone else

When it comes to moving home, we want to make things as hassle free for you as possible.

Finding the time to get everything organised in time for the move can be incredibly stressful. So why not leave it to us?

Rather than you having to take extra time off work to pack, our friendly and reliable team will do the hard work for you. Room by room, we can organise and pack your belongings carefully, before storing or loading it in to our secure storage facility or fully equipped removal vehicles.

All packing materials are supplied free by us.

All the packing taken care of:

  • Part pack
    We will pack all of your breakables for you, including dinner plates, glassware and ornaments etc.
  • Full pack
    We will pack everything in your home. This is started a few days in advance so everything is ready in time for moving day.

To find out more about the removals , storage and packing services available from N. J. Cook Removals & Storage, please visit www.njcookremovals.co.uk .

Packing materials

Leave all the packing to us.
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